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    Single Cell Consultancy

    Single cell analysis consultancy from our world leading specialists

    Dolomite Bio creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research including the Nadia Instrument and the Nadia Innovate. By encapsulating single cells in microfluidic droplets, our products enable rapid analysis of thousands or millions of individual cells and their biological products.

    We are now offering specialist consultancy services for your single cell research, enabling customers to outsource their single cell projects. With workflows available for a large range of cells and sample types, the Nadia platform offers ultimate flexibility for a variety of research projects. Samples can either be encapsulated as single cells in our scRNA-Seq protocol or as single nuclei to perform sNuc-Seq on the Nadia Instrument. We provide in depth quality control for each step of the analysis giving our customers full control over each experimental step. Further, to creating full length cDNA libraries, Dolomite Bio offers NGS and data analysis providing a complete workflow for your single cell analysis project.

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